jacques00_penny_nude_canine_10.6.66 Changelog:

  • Applied capacity restrictions to loss scenes for the Korgonne. If you’re too big, you get the generic oral loss scene.
  • There is now a maximum size for the Korgonne’s titfuck scene.
  • Added a new victory scene for exceedingly well-endowed characters.
  • Added a new loss scene for exceedingly well-endowed characters (requires the victory scene happen at least once first).
  • Throbb bad-end now requires bigger balls.
  • Some adjustment to Vanae ball growth scenes.
  • New busts: Horace Decker, Gray Goo, Penny (with lots of variants if you set to Jacques00 busts), Ganrael, and Kyris.
  • Assorted bugs fixed.
  • Assorted new bugs introduced.
  • Also I learned to use a sword (Holy fuck, 4500+ views).

(You guys should see the bimbo Penny busts – and backers will. Give the link a click if you’re a supporter. This is the first we’ve used this system, so it might be a bit wonky or not show for some people.)