UPDATE: Geddy is gonna poke at this some more tomorrow. Looks like we’re hitting a lot more issues than we were with the development version we tried in-house.

Patreon and Offbeatr data should now both be synced up through this website, eliminating the need for the old and busted website (and hopefully letting my cheap ass save a few bucks in the process). It also helps that this website doesn’t go down at the drop of a hat.

New freebie and backer builds are out too, check the post below (though I’m having issues getting the backer builds to show up at the time of this posting. I’ll have that fixed once Geddy finishes eating).

I’ll probably throw things up on the old sites later tonight while things are still being sorted.

e: The mismatching redirect URI shit should be sorted now. Don’t ask.

Merging the dev database with the live database broke some reference IDs that I’m going around and fixing. eta tomorrow for all the binding to work properly

If you’ve already confirmed an Offbeatr account e-mail, go to your profile, clear the Offbeatr field and update, then once the page has reloaded re-link your Offbeatr details.