naynaDoing a bit of a dual release – bug fixes and some new content for everyone, and an exclusive backer TF (since non-backers are making out like kings this month).

0.6.59 Changelog (ZE PUBLIC PATCH):

  • Large wings can now be considered as “clothing” for covering purposes.
  • New busts: Steph Irson (Adjatha does damn fine work)!
  • MysteriousPerson’s voluntary cuntsnake scene.
  • Floppy dog ears from huskar treats are now a thing.
  • A new NPC by Slab Bulkhead in the New Texas gym: Simone.
  • Bunches of fixes and new bugs introduced.

0.6.60 Changelog (ZE BACKER GUDNESS):

  • Three new items have been added to the game – Foxfire, Frostfire, and Immunoboosters. As you may imagine, the items are largely geared around foxy transformations. Big thanks to Etis for churning them out!
  • New Nayna busts, courtesy of JayEcho

Also coming soon: a hermaphrodite leithan for New Texas, penned by Wsan. I reviewed it early today, and it is smashing, if you’re into taurs that can make Urta look small. She’s note quite done, but I have confidence a finished product will land in my inbox sooner rather than later.