jroy101_tits_penny_fanartI started writing the “Date” with Kiro to go visit her sister on a Vesperian Space Station. Thus far I haven’t gotten to actually entering the bar yet, but it should be fun. But you guys don’t wanna read about that. You wanna see what’s new, right?

0.6.80 Changelog:

  • A new NPC has been added to the Mess on Tarkus! He’s a big, male Leithan for those who like that. Wsan got to experience firsthand what all goes into coding an NPC on this one and probably came out scarred as a result.
  • Jacques00 did the usual raft of bug fixes and refits. There was an update to tooltips to potentially reflect the price change due to smuggler perks. We might broaden them so the show the pre-perk price as well soon.

Jroy101 did some great fanart of Penny as a warmup the other day. Woot!