niis_kiro-1Despite the name, there’s not a ton of overly sexy content added in this patch. Still, new stuff is new!

0.6.79 Changelog:

  • A new NPC has been added to Uveto: Kirila. A Codex for her race will be forthcoming.
  • Lots of new items have been added to Kirila’s shop, many of them quite powerful.
  • Presently Kirila has no romantic encounters. Feel free to nag Kinathis to write some! :3
  • Some adjustments to “Dumb4Cum” perk.
  • Drone targeting options have been added.
  • Inessa’s key can now be found, thanks to Sen Kanashimi picking up writing where JimT left off.
  • And some other stuff for content that won’t be enabled till closer to Halloween! WHEEEE!

Kerblam! Now maybe I’ll go review some stuff or put out a little writing! Who knows! The world is my oyster.

(Or is it?)

More Niis art, this time a Kiro that isn’t quite anatomically correct (but is lovely all the same!)