Tktktk_Jade_ShadedJimThermic’s NPCs always make me work so hard :{

Note: It has come to my attention that some things are pretty broked in this update. The whips were accidentally set as ranged weapons, for example. I’ll try and have a bugfix patch up for you fine folks tomorrow along with a new scene or two.

0.6.8 Changelog:

  • The merchant deck of Tavros station has finally blossomed into its full glory. On the map, it’s represented as a square, but it’s supposed to be circular. Curse our simplified NESW approximations!
  • JimThermic’s sextoy vendor, Inessa is now open for business. She has some sex toys and sexy clothing for sale – as well as sex with herself.
  • One of her toys can be used on yourself. The other has a variable scene that can be used on many defeated foes – vanae, zil, raskvel, and nyrea to name a few.
  • A pretty large pull request from Jacques00 that should clear up plenty of bugs. There’s another big set of changes backlogged to be merged into the next build as well.

See you fine folks tomorrow when Savin streams his D&D game – or when I’m sitting in FenChat bitching about something JimThermic wrote!

Reposting an old Jade picture by TKTKTK in honor of the merchant deck getting some love!