emmyHey guys, it looks like JimThermic is retiring from TiTS writing. There’s still a few odds and ends of his in the hopper, but it works out nicely that there’s a ton of content from him in this patch to say goodbye with. We’re all gonna miss him, I think.

0.6.34 Changelog:

  • New busts for Cass and Vaande, by Adjatha.
  • Additional Vahn scenes actually coded in this time.
  • JimThermic’s residential deck has been added to the game, complete with two new NPCs of his and a third written by Nonesuch. Enjoy them! (Accessible via Tavros station’s elevator)
  • New busts for Emmy, Wetra Hounds
  • Credits implemented!
  • Mangos. You can’t handle them.
  • A bunch of bug fixes, tweaks, and typo corrections.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot – be sure to point it out to me.

Lovely Emmy artwork by Shou!

Also, 2,500 words of new stuff written today too. Another day like that, and I’ll have enough Emmy stuff to push her next update.