Cass Clothed (Adjatha)Quick progress report re: Uveto for you.

For those of you who don’t frequent the forums, Uveto VII is the next TiTS planet in the pipeline. Like New Texas, it’s an optional side-world, this time balanced against levels 6-9 and full of quests and critters to fight. Right now the first two areas are mapped and room description’d, and I’m finishing off the last bit of an alternative introduction to the planet (so no, it’s not entirely gated behind Shade — don’t worry). We’ve got a couple of enemy encounters done now with more on the way, so I suppose I’ll be mapping and description-ing out the combat areas sometime this upcoming week. That’s definitely entering the “bare minimum to start coding in” territory, though we’ve only got twoย shopkeepers done(ish) and in need of edits.

I’m definitely going to need to clear out my backlog before I start mainlining Uveto content, though. Yammi, Reaha, and Syri all have xpaks in various states of (near-)completion that need to finally be sorted out before I start looking at Shade or some of the new Uveto NPCs.

Seriously stacked newย Cass bust by Adjatha.