Gooooo people… goo people… slop like goo and suck like people…

Fen here, touching base to give a better appraisal of my activities. It’s been a busy month! I finally got fiber installed to my house, which means I can hopefully stream once more! No matter how much of my furgold I shoveled into my cable ISP’s furnace, I could never get consistent enough upstream bandwidth to reliably broadcast a video feed of any kind, leading to a gradual, frustration-based cessation. (Even with gigabit cable service!)

Now I’m getting ~700Mb/s upstream on my desktop in my office. 60 fps 1080p streams, here I cuuuum~!  I only had to call after missed appointments twice, and deal with a web interface that kept reporting my install date as Christmas of 2021 – you know, average ISP stuff. And it costs half as much as my old cable ‘net! Calling to tell Mediacom to fuck allllll the way off is going to be borderline orgasmic. Somebody’s gonna have to get me a mop.

As previously reported by Gedan, I’ve been working on combat routines for Dhaal’s final dungeon. The current project is a horde of morphic goo creatures that shapeshift into a variety of different existing NPCs. I’m not actually attempting to copy combat routines from those creatures, but I am accurately pulling their appearance data onto the shapeshifter and using that to drive a variety of a tease attacks based on gender and sexual equipment. Pulling that data wasn’t that hard – but I also had to figure out a way to have the goos accurately store their combat designation (Goopleganger A/B/C/D) away while shapeshifted – and re-assign it after slopping back into a blobby foe.

On top of that, I’m attempting to avoid repetitious combat text since this is a party-type combat where you will be battling 3-4 of these goopers at a time. To do that, I broke their attacks into three types: slappy, fem-teasy, and masc-teasy. The attacks are tracked in sequence. Each time a goopleganger uses one of those abilities, the game goes through the entire horde and updates the tracking data so that the next blob-chungus will know to use the next tease or slap down the list. That fight is finally getting close to ready for implementation, after which I’ll jump on the final version of the final boss fight for that dungeon. Fortunately, more HP-driven battles tend to be quicker to do, since I don’t have to conceive of horny texts for attacks.

Oh, and we’ve been slipping out some hotfixes for the last release.


  • Dropping an item should no longer crash the game. (Thanks, Geddy!)
  • Renvra pregnancy no longer eats all the movement buttons at a certain stage. (Thanks DrunkZombie for helping me track this one down!)
  • Added a toggle for the animation of scanlines in the player character outline. (Thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Art for the Diamond suit of playing cards should be added, completing the set. (Thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Fixed a softlock on Poe A (Thanks, lowercase donkey!)
  • Cocksocks should now allow you to select the penis you wish to wear one on. (Thanks, donkey!)
  • Lots of textual issues resolved. (Thanks, lowercase donkey!)
  • Pregnancy speed should be correctly displayed in the codex. (Thanks, DrunkZombie)