doxy_110lorezIt’s finally here! Sorry for the hold-up. I’m getting word that the combat overhaul is coming along well too, so maybe we can see a party combat dungeon in time for January (no promises). Check out the new hotness:

0.6.20 Changelog:

  • Resolves a crash in a Zephyr scene, issues with the gooey balls submenus, and various other annoying details.

0.6.19 Changelog:

  • Placeholder scene for meeting Zo’dee a second time has been replaced with a proper encounter. Moderate lewdness possible.
  • After encountering GaloMax for the first time, Gene and Sera will each sell one dose.
  • The third level of GaloMax transformation is more or less complete, with a bevy of options for vaginas, testes, and penises.
  • Please note that GaloMax is still unfinished content – the fourth (full-body gooey-ness) and fifth doses (legs become a gooey mound – fullgoo PC) are not yet in the game.
  • Zo’dee has a bust from one of Doxy’s original design picture (Doxy approved!)
  • Codex Entries have been broken up to make the “Races” section less overwhelming.
  • Arbetz travel agency has been added to Tarkus, courtesy of Nonesuch and Jacques00.
  • MinoCharge has been added to Gene’s shop courtesy of Couch and Jacques00.
  • A bigass pile of changes, fixes, and tweaks that probably also broke some new things. Keep the bug reports coming!
  • Some work to allow you to be naked/exhibitionist when wearing clothes that don’t actually cover the funbits.

The weekend is hitting, so I’ll be MOSTLY scarce till monday, but I’m hoping I can spend some time cleaning up any major bugs tonight in order to put a less-buggy public build up. If it doesn’t hit tonight, expect it Saturday night.

Odds are pretty good for Savin and I digging into CoC some next week, though I might not put a whole week into it. CIAO!

Original Zo’dee bust by Doxy!

Other New Stuff Since Last Public Build:

  • A bunch of tear-down and rebuild of some description functions
  • Sex with Quinton
  • Red Myr Venom & Addiction
  • Full functionality for Orryx’s shop and black market.
  • Honey wine item.
  • Reorganized the buttons.
  • Silly-mode Ganrael (crystal goos) in the deep caves of Myrellion.
  • Lady-types can whore themselves out at Beth’s Broads.
  • The fungal queen can now be encountered in the deep caves. You can score a nice credit pouch and fight a crazy robot!
  • Aliss’s shop got tooltips and some sexiness bonuses.
  • Tons more fixes and under-the-hood-adjustments.