dsan_kiro_annoCoC week 2 has started for those that are unaware. We’re hoping we can have all the writing we need to have Lethice fightable and beatable done by the end of the week, along with a simplified ending. Something along that leaves you with an extremely broad sense of victory. Later on, I want to spend some time bashing out a literal fuckton of epilogue forks based on the major events of the game (like if Marae is corrupted or not), but that’ll come later.

The Minotaur King fight has all the combat text and win scenes completed. I’ve got to polish off a bad-end or two for him, then he’ll be complete. Likely it’ll just be a single bad-end that involves forceful oral & cum addiction followed by being worn on his cock like an article of clothing.

Savin’s been chipping away at victory scenes for Lethice (and one loss). I did a little bit of work on her combat text for the first phase. At the moment, it looks like it’s going to be a three phase fight. I’ve got a crazy idea for a parasitic creature bad end vaguely reminiscent of the Omnibus bad ends from the factory. Hopefully it’ll come out pretty well.

In other news, Gedan worked on the website quite a bit today, making a bunch of tweaks and changes under the hood in order to supercharge the site’s performance. The downside of this is that we broke a couple of things. More than a couple things, actually. Fenchat looks like it’s gone screwy, and the embedded pop-ups on the play page died as a consequence. Most of the other issues have already been cleaned up.

Geddy hated those embedded pop-ups, so we’ll probably have to swap back to just feeding your browser the pure .swf and hoping it’s smart enough to open it instead of auto-downloading it. But, we did discuss a potential way to bake a preloader into the game that will give you something better to look at than a white screen while the game loads. I’ll keep you posted if we can get that up and going.

Lastly, we’ve made ourselves and official Picarto channel. Livestream is kind of a shit, and since Picarto is apparently okay with game development streams, we’re going to make use of that. The multistreaming functionality is pretty great as well. With that, we can show Shou’s art streaming while Savin or I try to hammer out some text.

Kiro & Anno being adorable drawn by Dsan. I swear, Kiro gets bigger every time she’s drawn.