Adjatha did an amazing job on Roz!

Yesterday I planned to have Roz done at 7 in the evening at the latest. I wasn’t comfortable with her till 10 PM. Today I cleaned up some bugs a few testers found, polished a few things, slipped in two of her three busts (the third isn’t finished), and polished up a few things with Maike.

0.7.189 Changelog:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented saves with Maike’s Keycard as a physical item from loading. (Hopefully). I’ve also deleted the blog comments related to it in order to clear out the clutter and let me easily see if more issues crop up. Thanks!

0.7.188 Changelog:

  • New enemy: Roz the galotian power-armor pilot. After encountering 7 or so enemies in Zheng Shi’s mines, she’ll be added to the encounter table. She’s a two stage with a solid variety of very good scenes (in my opinion) by Savin, Wsan, and myself. Mostly Savin and Wsan.
  • New item: Goo Core. Goos and very intelligent PC’s can steal Roz’s, disabling her. When equipped by a goo-morphed player character, it increases intelligence and willpower by 20 points. Note you can also choose to steal it and let her earn it back, if you want to play with a less intelligent goo-girl for a bit.
  • New Busts: Roz, Roz Nude, Pregnant Stella, and Pregnant Stella Nude.
  • Maike’s Keycard is now a key item rather than a dropped item.

New This Month:

  • New NPCs: Overseer Maike, Tessa the female ovir, Shizuya the “Meowmazon”, “Bored Jumper” (a futanari laquine in a bodysuit)!
  • New Quest/Update: The plantation quest on Mhen’ga received numerous updates, breaking Lund down into a submissive
  • New Items: Spacesuit Helmet (Save this), Slave Uniform, Dry Spell (wetness removal item),
  • New Scenes: Taking an Urbolg facial in exchange for getting a slave collar off, Urbolg + female centaurs, intentional Urbolg collar bad-end,
  • New Busts: Shizuya, Bored Jumper’s (x4), Tivf
  • Mechanics change: maintaining an overall negative evasion increases your damage taken.

It’s funny. Back in the CoC days, one transformation and an enemy was a HUGE change. Now I look and see four new characters (five with today’s), quest updates, and a bunch of scene additions and feel like we didn’t do enough. We’ll just have to aim for more next month.

As always, thank you guys so much for your generous support. My next goals are going to be to put in the last 1/3 of the mine’s planned rooms, completing the spacesuit, doing the spacewalk + robot boss fight to enable the elevator, and setting up the “stowaway as a fuckslave to get to the foundry level” route. Hopefully we can have that set up and good to go, (along with the forgehound mob Wsan wrote) for next month!