Happy Freedom Day everybody! For those of you in the States: drive safe, have fun, make shit explode in the sky.

For everyone else: enjoy your yearly dose of FREEDOM BEEF in TiTS’ wilderness spaces. Don’t mind your broken pelvis, it’s a small price to pay for a cup of smoking hot liber-tea.

0.7.190 Changelog:

  • Red Rockets added to the game! As expected, they don’t blow up into fireworks. They make you have a hyper-virile canine penis. Dr. Badger sells them and they rarely drop from enemies so long as we’re near the 4th of July. I wrote them as a bit of a stream of consciousness, so they’re not very well edited. However, the transformations are some of the best I’ve written in a while, in my opinion.
  • You can now steal Roz’s power armor. This disables her forever, but you get power armor. Good trade?