This week we have some new catgirl lewdness and a lot of tweaks under the hood to sate your corrupted desires! Feast your eyes on the patch notes before you dive in, though: the part about body ratings is important.

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0.0.17 Patch Notes:

  • Three new Cait sex scenes: Striptease, Footjob, and Tailjob. The latter has the usual branching paths for you to explore! Many thanks to TheObserver for pitching in the Striptease and Tailjob scenes. They’re good stuff <3
  • Most weapons and armors have had their stats rebalanced to bring them more in line with the combat system update we did post-launch.
  • Map icons have been updated.
  • Belly, Butt, and Hip ratings now properly are assigned at character generation. Note: you MUST remake your character for this change to take effect; old characters are still playable, but will effectively have minimum ratings in all three.
  • Various other bugfixing and typo killing.

Dual wielding was implemented LAST PATCH but now that the items have been rebalanced, I’d love if you guys could leave some feedback on the forums about how it feels! You can currently dual-wield any combination of two Light weapons (Daggers, Short Swords, and Francescas).

Art is a brand new portrait for Arona of the Kervus Tribe, an orc futa barbarian and our next enemy encounter — along with her gang of big ol’ amazon followers. My current CoC2 writing project is an orc-filled dungeon the new Champion will be crawling through to face down her older brother, the tribe’s warlord!

For those wondering about my TiTS writing, I’m currently working on a big bara Thraggen dude for Zheng Shi. He’s totally not a space orc, you guys. I definitely don’t have a thing for orcs. What? You can’t prove nuffin.