Hey guys. I haven’t had a post in a bit because I haven’t had much to share. The past week or two I’ve been struggling with depression – which is no fucking excuse by the way. I don’t want or expect you guys to treat this like that’s okay. On top of that, I basically have one less workday during summer break because I’m helping my ex out by being a decent, non-pervert dad during the school break.

Anyhow, I’ve finished up a scene for a new Zheng Shi enemy – the slyveren slavebreaker. I’ve been trying to work on it again and again and never getting anywhere, but something finally clicked and I got it done. It’s 3700 words of a psychic snake-girl psychic you off extra hard so your little trapdick will grow to a respectable size. At the time of this writing, I’m also 1700 words into a blowjob for normal folks – that is to say anyone from 6+ to 35 inches long.

Anyhow, many <3’s and good evenings to you all.