kiro_1Tainted Space 0.6.58:

  • New Nayna scene, penned by Frogapus.
  • New busts: Lola, Quenton
  • Various fixes, courtesy of Jacques00

Just a small one today. Getting the Nayna scene in went slower than anticipated due to having to rewrite/tweak some of her dialogue.

New Since Last Public Release

  • New Items: DracoGuard, SukMastr 2000, Bubble Buddy, Feline TF, Huskar Treats
  • New Scenes: Doctor Badger removes tail parasite, Zephyr + parasite tailed PC, Vanae + parasite tailed PC, dryad + parasite tail, male zil + parasite tail, and losing to mimbranes with a parasite tail, taking toys from the myr deserters, giving bubbles of goo to different in-game goo-girls.
  • New busts: Able, Carrie, Darnock, Flahne, Kiro, Lane, Shade, the pexiga, Terensha, Anno, Horace Decker, Female Lane, Nayna, the bathing Myr Honeypot, Tamani, and the group of gold myr bathers.
  • The first part of Shade’s Uveto content.
  • Gray Goo armor customization.
  • Improvements to genitalia descriptions.
  • A butt-embiggening device.
  • Nyrea bad-end.
  • Kaede Uveto event.
  • XP gains reworked.