Before I get into the bits you guys actually want to hear about, listen to the sad tale of Fenoxo and his 5 Mb/s download speed (and 0.5 Mb/s upload speed!) I’ve wasted hours on this shit today, and it seems the signal quality from my ISP is just garbage. The poor Mediacom tech who had to listen to me bitch clearly knew less about this stuff than I did, and I won’t have a tech out to look at my ‘net until Thursday at the earliest.

If it’s anything like last time, things will mysteriously start working better just before they arrive again. That or they’ll get here and not be able to do anything. But that’s fine, the free market is working! I have tons of other options for ISPs, like getting a wireless hub from verizon with constrictive data limits and extra exemptions from Net Neutrality! Oh, and added expense. Or I could get some slow-ass DSL. Personally, I prefer DSLs on bimbos.

As you might expect, progress on Paige today has been… scarce. I’ve got to wrap up a few odds and ends for payroll, then I’m going to give in and call AT&T for some DSL, I think. Maybe it’ll suck less.

0.7.78 Changelog:

  • More checks for catching diseases like the “Sneezing Tits” and “Furpies” have been added.
  • Various bug fixes.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Gastigoth Station has been added to the game. A few days after sending some prisoners there, you should get an email with the coordinates.
  • Tamtam, Kaska, and Captain Khorgan have been added to Gastigoth.
  • A new shop has appeared in Gildenmere: The Entite!
  • A small satellite retrieval mission was added to Mhen’ga, along with busts for the new NPCs.
  • Azra’s first expedition has been added to the game.
  • New NPCs: Subcommander Brandt and Warden Kasmirin (Gastigoth), Krym the Stormguard Valkyrie (Uveto), the Seer (Gildenmere/Entite).
  • New Busts: Dane, Shelly, Cruff, Female Raskvel, Krym, Captain Khorgan, and Tamtam.
  • New Area on Canadia Station: “Lotus Eater”. It’s a VR lounge with two pretty indepth scenarios for dickgirl lovers. (~15,000 words)
  • New pregnancy! The PC can be impregnated by Lapinara.
  • A new scene has been added to the Lapinara, which gets longer the more Lapinara children you have.

Gianna + Robo-Dragonbutt drawn by DCL and commissioned by our own lovely Dragon-coder.