I’ve burrowed deep into Paige’s fur today. Thus far I’ve cleared about 1,200 lines of code dealing with doing Yoga in her studio, talking to her in her apartment, her appearance, the introduction to her sex content (which I’m not touching for a long time. That document is over 150 pages long and comes with a flowchart), and some setup for sparring her. Turns out the blind yoga-girl has some next-level kung-fu stuff going on.

Actually coding the combat is going to probably be a decent investment of time. With how she’s written, she seems to be focused on reacting to the PC’s actions, which will require hooking everything into a bunch of different places in the code if I want to be 100% accurate to her author’s wishes. It’s also going to be doubly difficult to do since he wants her to scale with PC level and strength – something I intend to do with Dane if I ever get around to making him recruitable as well. Oh, and she has a whole different setup for when she’s not blind. Wooo!

And then there’s the aforementioned 150 pages of sex. I’m not going to make any promises, but I’d like to have her pre-follower, non-combat stuff ready by Monday or Tuesday night for backers.

I’m going to spare my brain and take a poke at doing a little writing on Azra’s Tarkus quest now. I jotted out a few hundreds words for the introduction of a two-headed gray goo fight last night that should make for a fun interaction.

Have a good one bras!