Thrust Vectoring System

Thrust vectoring systems are used by pilots who would rather have a maneuverable craft than a fast one, re-routing a portion of the ship’s sublight drives into its maneuvering thrusters.



Thrust: -12

Agility: +10

See? See? I’m blocking out stats for the ship upgrade. Gedan talked me into doing some pretty over-the-top stuff, so we’re going to be looking at things like a GUI for slotting in upgrades (and the ability to walk around your ship). For most ships, this will be easy. For the eventual capital ship, it will likely be “zoomed” out, sort of like the Nova.

lazydez_lines_TisinreiArt_colors_celiseShip combat is going to be a laid-back affair for the most part. You’ll set your ideal range, assign your crew to their stations (if you wish to move them), and then perform any other special actions – like overloading a system, performing a special maneuver, or activating a gadget. If all goes well, you’ll probably just wind up smashing the “Proceed” button every round. If the fight is tough, you might find yourself doing a little bit more – turning off guns that are inaccurate at your current range to conserve capacitor, for example.

I look forward to sharing more with you as the system develops, but Gedan is going to have her hands super full with this stuff later. I’m going to make some more general ship upgrade modules (like Luxury Crew Quarters!), then review one of Gardeford’s submissions before bed.

P.S. Remember the Spoopy TiTSventure Savin wrote for last Halloween? It’s finally getting coded. Look forward to it this October!

Celise sketch originally by LazyDez and colored by Tisinrei.