ShayeraGal_Urta_Minerva_PC0.6.71 Changelog:

  • Gardeford’s Kressia survival shop content is now live – that means three new scenes are accessible.
  • Jacques00 chewed through a bunch of bug and typo reports, ensuring that this build is slightly less horribly broken than usual (or so we hope!)
  • Jacques00 added an “Infertile” starting perk, though honestly I’m not sure why a man determined to extend his legacy would make it so that his legacy would end…

That’s it for today (back to the ship mines – and maybe a WoW demon hunter or No Man’s Sky)!

This lovely Urta/Miranda universe crossover art commission by Kitsune Lord Momoji from ShayeraGal. I really hope FoE makes a comeback someday.