Sup bras! Savin here,Zil Callgirl Pregnant Creampied (Adjatha)

Had myself a six hour code/writing stream: coded in a scene for the PC getting buttfucked by the male naleen, and titfucking Saendra with a tailcock, plus a quest-related hint dialogue for Lieve. Just bouncing all over the galaxy today!

Speaking of Saendra, Adj has been doing the busts for Fools Rush In, aka Saendra’s second quest (the one that’s been in a while — pirates on Tavros, you know). While doing so, I was reminded of a pregnancy xpak for the Zil Callgirl who features therein, started about a year ago by a friend from the old FenChat. It’s got a goodly portion of what needs doing already written, and since Adj was kind enough to do a wonderfully gravid bust for us, I figured I’d do my part and finish the writing.

Also: Reaha. Her Cured expansion is done save for a couple last scenes. Whooo. Nonstop milk and honey for me. :3