Hey all!

We just finished up a Monday night work meeting, where we touch base and figure out what all the different arms of FenCo are doing. I thought it’d be a cool idea to share what’s on the table at the moment. Here’s the highlights:

  • Geddy is still wrapping the spooky Halloween dungeon. The Daycare system is on the table following that, followed by Sera’s pregnancy expansion and then ship combat/customization.
  • Shou is spearheading efforts to throw some merch together and possibly run a booth at a furry convention.
  • Savin took a sickcation.
  • Adjatha has been doing Adjatha things – Pexiga smart-bimbofication (because what better challenge for Doc Badger?) and sweet-ass art.
  • Jacques00 agreed to do the character sprite sheets for the VN, which means we’ll have super high quality work for it.
  • Gurgles threw us an example of an idle-animated Penny bust that looked super rad. We’ll be investigating using the tech for the VN (and possible some TiTS busts down the line, if Gedan can get it going without having to spend a ton of time on it).

I’m off to the gym, then back to work on the Amazon variant of the Treatment. Hopefully I can finish off the mental transformation messages tonight.