Hey guys, I’m back from Gencon and back to work! Yay! Before I get into the tiny, tiny… tiny changelog, I’ll give you guys a quick report!

20160805_115009Don’t worry, bras. I’ll keep it brief.

I got to try out a number of rad board games – Potion Explosion and Bloodborne were both tons of fun. I also scored some sweet merchandise like a set of swank metal dice, and I even got to see Jonathan Coulton perform live. Every fiber of nerdiness within me quivered with delight. There’s really something special about getting to prowl around a place filled with tens of thousands of other like-minded people and geek out all weekend.

If you’ve got any geeky inclinations, I would highly recommend making the trip. The guys over at Penny Arcade have a pretty swell write-up about the place as well. Sadly I did not get to bump into Gabe while I was there – though I did get to prowl around doing my best soldier 76 cosplay.

Oh, and on the planes/airports, I did some work on blocking out some more stuff for ships & ship combat. Mostly figuring out how the UI and fitting systems would work, but I’m thinking we’re going to be at a state where Gedan can start prototyping code sooner rather than later.

With that out of the way, have some public goodness!

0.6.70 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Bess/Ben. They are Adjatha’s take on her default appearance. We will not be attempting to show every possible variance. Personally I recommend disabling them if you customize her heavily.
  • Steph Irson episodes can now be seen on demand.
  • Some minor typo and bug fixes.

New Since Last Public Build:

  • New Items: DendroGro, Cerespirin, Anusoft, Yappi Strap, Insulated Coat
  • New Busts: Jardi, Jarvis, Kirlarwe, Vedice, Haley, Godi, Petr, Nova, Frostworms, Steph Irson, Tank Kannon, Anyxine, Dryad, Horace Decker, Gray Goo, Penny (with lots of variants if you set to Jacques00 busts), Ganrael, and Kyris.
  • New NPCs on Uveto: Jerome – written and coded by Gedan, Korgonne Female Barbarian, and Hana!
  • New Steph Irson Episode – Uveto.
  • New Nayna scene for the hyper-endowed.
  • New Anno + Huskar foursomes on Uveto.
  • New scenes for the hyper endowed characters and the Korgonne Barbarian (1 victory, 1 loss).
  • New scenes: Female Zil victory for phallus-wielders, Terensha balljob, seducing male raskvel with a vaginal tail, Anno tailcock funtimes, and Syri tail-dick fun. Big thanks to Savin for coding them.
  • “Miscreant Manor” on Texas. A semi-randomized public use encounter!
  • A metric butt-ton of fixes, tweaks, and adjustments to existing content – poke the individual changelogs if you want a more in-depth reporting.

We’ll try to get some new backer stuff for the backers here in the next day or two. I’ve got a lot of stuff to review and finalize on the non-code side of things, so I might have to lean on Gedan or find a quickie in the pile.