aritimas_robin_the_gooboy_copyLots of goodies in this build. Check it out~!


  • A new Nayna scene for those with very large & thick endowments.
  • “Miscreant Manor” has been added to New Texas. It’s a semi-randomized encounter with up to six different NPCs. It is presently limited to female sexed PC’s. One of the goals for it is to add pregnancies for it a little down the road.
  • New Item: Cerespirin
  • New Busts: Jardi, Jarvis, Kirlarwe, Vedice, Haley, Godi, Petr, Nova, Frostworms, Steph Irson, Tank Kannon,
  • New Anno + Huskar foursomes on Uveto.
  • Probably some other odds and ends I’m missing.

There would be more if I hadn’t spent so long on Miscreant Manor. That sucker clocked in at almost 12,000 words (approx 1/4th of a young adult novel). Oh well, that completes most of the Offbeatr custom scenes I have to do (outside a few too vague to act on). I’m going to be pivoting and working on things like custom items, ship combat stuff, and the Amazon Treatment variant next, I think.

Art is a drawing by Aritimas of his GaloMax-dosed Steele!