This is gonna be a shorty!

  • I’ve poked a little at the Amazon treatment stuff. Mostly just blocking out what I need to do for it and what kind of small perks they’ll have. I’m thinking one will be a perk that reduces or eliminates the energy lost with orgasm.
  • I’ve been trying to clean up and trim down the bug report forums, filing things that have been fixed away appropriately. Almost got it down to one page tonight.
  • Gencon comes up this week. Between Gencon and family obligations, I’m going to be mostly MIA from Tuesday to Sunday night.
  • Adjatha will also be at Gencon, and Gedan is lost to the depths of her other project’s crunch time for who knows how long. Sickvin will have to carry the torch.
  • I might slip a new build out Monday just to get the bug fixes that have been done in your hands. No major content expected.

I’m fucking tired. Night!