dollmakerIt’s heeeeeere!

0.7.02 Changelog:

  • New Bust: Dollmaker.
  • Another variant added to the upgraded hardlight masturbation scene for those with big boobs (H-cup+).
  • A new scene between a bull and a cow-girl in the Ten Ton Gym after you lift weights. It has a 20% chance of going off with a one day cooldown.

Dollmaker by Adjatha. I also got a lovely, very very NSFW commission from Milkcrown of New Texas’s Cameron.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Quest: Pexiga uplift. It’s now possible to get help raising the Pexiga up to sapience. (Over 100 pages of new content!)
  • Hardlight strap-ons can be upgraded! For now, the Korgonne female drops it.
  • Four new scenes for the aforementioned strap-on.
  • New busts: Briget, Dollmaker, Yammi, Nym-Foe, Corporate Logos
  • New Jade scene!
  • New scene at Dr. Lessau’s.
  • New scenes: Working the gloryhole in the Kui Country Bar and Lodge.
  • New scenes for Kally (for Brute PCs)
  • New Items: Taurico Venidae, Bimboleum Ray, Amber Seed, Virection, and more!
  • New NPC: Male Milodan
  • More fixed bugs than an entire city full of infertile red myr.