I really wanted to, though. I just didn’t get enough written to pull it off. I did get a scene for players with very big boobs (H+ is what I have in my notes) where they make the hardlight strap-on huge and just completely bury it in boob. I don’t think I’m gonna get any other variations of that scene done at this point; I’ve burned out fairly hard on the concept and should probably move on to something else.

My goals for Thursday are simple (Public Build Friday):

  • Code the alternate fap-bit I wrote.
  • Be awesome.
  • Find and code a decent one-off scene from the event submissions (feel free to suggest any in comments). What I mean by one-off is a scene that could be slotted into an existing character or place without much additional framing work.
  • Check the busts pile for any new busts that need added.
  • Release new backer build.
  • Go jogging.
  • Either poke at some stuff for the VN that needs looked at, a voyeurism scene where the PC peeps on Kally, a sex-toy shop for Uveto run by a Rodenian (weird mouse race), or maybe proper furry TF item (Dog or Fennec, I guess).

Regarding the Github situation – we’re still wrangling out an alternative over here. It may derail my plans for tomorrow slightly. One thing I do want to do is dump a public repository up somewhere that I can dump public build source code into for you guys that like hunting through it.