reaper_armaments_logo_cHey guys, this is mostly just a bugfix and polish build since I wound up losing myself in reviewing endless oodles of submitted texts today. Upside: I still managed to slip in another perk for hermy, New Texan cow-girls. Upside #2: I really, really liked two of the scenes I reviewed today, and the chunk of the VN I was proofing earlier reads damned well to me.

Downside: Still missing that autofellatio scene I promised.

The public patch will be dumped on the 8th so late that it may well be in the morning on the 9th. There should be another backer build late on the 7th too.

0.6.76 Changelog:

  • New perk for the hermaphrodite Treatment option (50% proc chance)
  • Fixes to drone texts. May not be perfect, I haven’t had a chance to personally test out Jacques00’s changes.
  • New Bust: Hepane
  • Almost all “over time” events should have timers now.
  • Many other fixes and adjustments.

(Lovely company logos by Jacques00)