Seems a little fishy to me…

0.7.96 Changelog:

  • Accupitch Lab & the SubTuner have received a rework including some new options involving a psychic tentacle creature and the ability to go out and meet some familiar faces while wearing the SubTuner. Writing by HugsAlright.
  • (Sekrit Hotfix added to 0.7.95) Prai Ellit has been added to the game. You can run into him in the woods of Mhenga!
  • Void Plate had its long name changed to be a bit less of a wall of text when stripping it off.
  • Syri’s bust now has her trademark coat.
  • Fenoxo’s D&D game got 1% closer to being campaign ready. (Haha yeah right)

Prai drawn by Shou!