I’ve been in a fairly write-happy mood, considering I chunked out a solid 8,000 words of Shekka stuff over the past two days. I’ve lobbed it all into the game in a rash of coding, so enjoy! Please be aware it is only edited in the lightest sense of the word. I hope to clean it up a bit tomorrow afternoon, time permitting.

0.7.154 Changelog:

  • Hermaphroditic Shekka can now be caught playing with a toy, resulting in three possible sub-scenes!
  • Crew Shekka may follow you into the gym for some “squats”. Hit the weights if you’d like to see this one. (Requires a phallus.)
  • Myr Venom now automatically gives your tongue the aphrodisiac-laced flag.
  • Motherhusks should no longer crash on use. Whoops!
  • Watch out for Space Bears in silly mode.
  • The odds of Throbb increasing penis size are now higher.
  • Many typo fixes.

Art is Adjatha’s rendition of the New Texan gym sluts. Thanks to whoever requested he draw that during his doodle stream!