I’m slowly losing my mind but making solid progress. The flowcharts actually helped me out at one point, if you can believe it. B uses a lot of non-standard methods of communicating logic flow that slow me down a little, but it’s easy enough to parse. Thus far, 69 pages of Paige’s 151 page sex document are done. There are two other documents on the pile as well. One with content for sparring and one with the rest of content for getting her new eyes and making her a crewmate.

Some compromises did get made – the biggest was poor support for swiss-army crotches – between the amount of text and variations to handle, I settled for making everything run off your primary penis rather than trying to juggle another thing to track on top of already chaotic scene arguments.

All that said, I think you guys will like the way things are done here, assuming options I got done aren’t too buggy.

0.7.79 Changelog:

  • Paige and her Yoga studio are available on the residential deck of Tavros. You’ll have to do a few Yoga lessons with her before you can meet her at her place. Thus far her interactions are fairly limited and yoga offers no stat gains aside from tone boosts. I might give it a more indepth pass later, but the bonuses listed in her original document were quite powerful for the cheapness and availability.
  • Jacques00 implemented the Breedwell Incubation center before I finished reviewing it. What I had looked at seemed pretty good, but be aware that since it has not yet received official Fen approval that it may be changed if needed in the future.
  • Many fixes, mostly courtesy of Jacques00.

Someone commissioned a nice Syri and Anno animation from Gillenew (He’s also got a patreon)! Click the preview animation for the whole shebang!