Freebie build ETA: Early January

0.6.23 Changelog:

  • The next step in Emmy’s quest is now functional. To get it going, do something sexy with her, then wait 72 hours for an email. Depending on what you bring her (and your aim and physique stats), she’ll give you a different weapon as a reward.
  • Emmy also has three new sexy-times scenes unlocked once you progress her quest.
  • You can now enter cheats in the custom input menu for V-Ko. This is pretty placeholder for now, and notifications about typing them in correctly won’t show till after you back out of V-Ko’s menu, but it’ll work for Android/iOS players.
  • Jacques00 added a neat event for selling the probe on Mhen’ga.
  • Jacques00 deployed a literal raft of bug-fixes.
  • A new Shou bust was added.

Things will slow a bit over the holidays due to necessary time with family, but I have no plans for any actual vacation. There’s just one small step left to Emmy’s quest to do after this that’ll cost the PC a fair few credits (and unlock a few more sexy scenes I have to write). Oh, and I still need to write text for bringing her a gem satchel and code another variation Zeikfried wrote.

I’ll probably look at spending what time I have free over the holidays on chipping into the backlog. Emmy can have a break now that I’ve put some more effort into her. Did you know she’s over 40 pages long now?

Fungal Queen bust courtesy of Shou (and also added to the game).