Alder here with a FoE update (yeah, been a while). Have a Cass content expansion, written by The Observer.cassidy

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Full changelog after the break.

Update: If you are perceptive, you might have noticed that runs on https for a few days now. This is most likely the cause of the lost saves. Saves should be recoverable using the process described in

See browser saves as temporary. There’s pretty much nothing I can do to prevent problems like this. Use Save to File to back up your saves.

Version 0.4p

  • Cassidy indoor sex scenes added. Must be unlocked
  • Cassidy sparring sex scenes (win/loss) added. Must be unlocked by first having regular sex
  • After your spar, Cass can ask you to model. One off scene
  • Cassidy now has a followup to the talk about looks. This will change some scenes slightly. Needs rel > 50 to trigger
  • Fixed an error in Cavalcade score evaluation
  • Slightly boosted the default girth cap for penetration, which will hopefully fix some stringent NPCs refusing penetration
  • Vaughn task 3: you can now trigger the scene by waiting in the inn too
  • Fixed a variety of typos etc.