Shou and I will once again be meeting up at Furry Weekend Atlanta, if anyone would like to come say hi, have a drink, and talk lewd, crude, and with attitude. Our panel is Friday, April 6th at 10:30 PM at “Panels Dock 6.” We won’t be selling merch at a booth this year, but we’ll bring some to the panel if anybody wants some spiffy branded flashdrives, buttons, or stickers.

0.7.150 Changelog:

  • The translator now properly translates Lund’s dialogue. Meeting Lund and fucking him now both award progress toward unlocking the translation matrix as well.
  • Milly, the Steeletech agent who can pick up the probe on Mhen’ga for you, now has a bit of extra fun available to PCs with genitalia and a suitable lust quantity.
  • A blackjack system has been added to the game. No, it isn’t active anywhere, but we’ll definitely use it on the next main plot adventure.
  • Whimsalot coded a number of milking scenes for Savin’s characters including some fun little stuff by HugsAlright for Kase.
  • Bess now has a jailbreak option that allows for the PC to swap the ‘bot between male and female variants.

At right: Adjatha’s Verusha bust.