Slyveren blowjob courtesy of MrPink.

Here’s a surprise for you guys – two new NPCs, a new scene for an existing enemy, and a fairly massive chunk of random one-night stands to sort through!

0.7.204 Changelog:

  • New scene for the Slyverens: Hyper Training! The normal sucking loss scene should no longer occur for players with phalli above 35 inches.
  • A dating app has been added to the game, written by Fr0sty and coded by DrunkZombie! Once you get the email, it is added to the “Smut” submenu in the “Masturbation” menu on your ship. You can swipe left or right on various aliens and engage in meaningless one night stands!
  • Vark the Milodan has been added to Uveto… if you can find his cave. Written by Damiekinz and coded by LighterFluid.
  • Willow the waitress can now be encountered in Uveto’s bar. Written by Archangel99 and coded by Maye88!
  • New busts for Fei An by FubMistress!
  • New busts for Urbolg by Shou!
  • New busts for Fetch & Carry by Adjatha!

I bet you guys thought I’d be busy playing WoW!