Moo moo moo moo moo. Moo.

Brandy actually has a bit of tangled development history. I rejected her original submission until her author came back with some slight tweaks and edits for her. She even had a bust done before I rejected her that first time because someone put it on the artist workpage. Craziness! Anyway, here she is, complete with Adjatha-drawn bust.

0.7.42 Changelog:

  • Brandy has been added to New Texas.
  • New Texas had a few rooms added to the road to stretch it out a bit. It was starting to get a little packed-in for a rural ranch area!
  • Sera’s collar has been added to the collar list.
  • Jacques00 went ahead and coded an Amazona Sweet Tea transformative.

Brandy’s bust by Adjatha of course!