Changelog 0.7.51:

  • It is now possible to catch diseases from certain NPCs (mostly combat NPCs, though there’s at least one “main” NPC who can give you something…)
  • Four diseases have been added to the game: Furpies Simplex C, Furpies Simplex D, Furpies Simplex H, and Loco Fever.
  • As the names would imply, Furpies turns you into a furry. There is a hint event two days into the infection followed by a Codex notification roughly 24 hours before the first transformations start, so if you grow some random ears, you have nobody to blame but yourself.
  • Dr. Lash can now be asked to upgrade your immune system to better protect you against these and future infections, for a price.
  • Several new weapons added (I haven’t reviewed them yet, so they may get nerfed/tweaked SOON(tm)).
  • Bugs fixed and wrinkles ironed out, courtesy of Jacques00 (along with a few other bullet points).

Sean art by Shou.