After getting linked a thread about SSTDs, I decided to jump on doing a quick one today instead of wading through the submission pile. Now I have a 17 page transformation document that’s needing a significant build-out of supporting systems! It’s called Furpies Simplex, and it’s a horrible furrifying plague spread by the Nefarious Doctor Badger. Just one more reason to lock her up, right? (Or become her permanent furslut).

I roughed out some stuff for V-Ko to clear SSTDs and some fluff for why you can’t get every waifu on the ship horribly mutated. I’ll backport it to Vi on Myrellion later. Hopefully I can get something doable tomorrow, but it could fall on Thursday depending on how long I have to beat it with a hammer to knock the worst bugs out of the house.

I’m hoping someone will make “The Sneezing Tits” too, so I don’t have to. Basically a cold where every sneeze makes your boobs bigger.