This concludes the 90ish pages of Chaurmine’s content. May still be buggy in a million different places, but ehhh…

0.7.49 & 0.7.50 Changelogs (why two? Because I had to pull some debug stuff after putting it up at first):

  • Chaurmine’s content is fully filled out. He can now move to Uveto after your relationship reaches a certain point with him.
  • On Uveto, he can be found in the Glacial Rift, then later in the hangar.
  • Chaurmine has some pretty sweet new items…
  • Chaurmine is 10% more adorable.
  • A fan-submitted exhibitionism perk has been added.
  • A few fixes.

I’m super tired, but I got this stuff done and collected my Overwatch sprays from the Nexus Challenge. I really hate playing Heroes of the Storm. I can safely say I’m no fan of Mobas!