jacques00_penny_new_bust_sketchNew day, new build, new stuff! Woop woop! The big highlight on this build is going to be the Female Korgonne Barbarian, written by Adjatha and coded by yours truly, but Savin has a few other things people tossed him that he tried coding. Our little ‘mander is growing up!

0.6.65 Changelog:

  • Korgonne Barbarians have been added to Uveto.
  • New Korgonne Barbarian items: Yappi Strap and Insulated Coat (and a beat up Hammer Pistol that sells for less than normal ones).
  • Hazardous rooms on Uveto have been properly flagged as hazardous. Expect Uveto’s encounters to be shifted around once more of the planet’s surface is added to the game. The Korgonne might move deeper into the glaciers.
  • New bust: Korgonne
  • New scenes: Female Zil victory for phallus-wielders, Tarensha balljob, seducing male raskvel with a vaginal tail, and Syri tail-dick fun. Big thanks to Savin for coding them.

New Penny bust sketch courtesy of Jacques00 randomly starting to draw her the other day on stream. You guys should see the bimbo versions :3

P.S. Patreon tries to display an oft-wrong estimate of the current pledge amount whenever I make an upload. When I saw this, I had to grab a screencap. It’s just too perfect: