steph_40.6.62 is up which should fix the loading bug.

I had a pretty good stream today – about 5 hours and 40 minutes. I brought it down a little early to work on getting this build out for all you fine fellows (and ladies). More streaming tomorrow – which should be interesting after I kill myself at the gym. We might get to see the appearance of the rare zombie-noxo.

0.6.61 Changelog:

  • Tlako, Uveto’s station administer, is now encounterable. She’s adorkable. (Penned by Frogapus)
  • A new character exists on New Texas – Haley! (Penned by Wsan)
  • New busts: The Mhen’ga dryad, Simone, Gene, Fazian,
  • Myr Venom was apparently reworked into a tease-style attack when I wasn’t looking. This is probably going to be reverted.
  • New Texas now has a bad-end for Treated Femtaurs who get used with Ellie. (Coded/Penned by Wsan)
  • New Item: Omnisuit – a piece of clothing that legally counts as clothing but effectively feels like nothing at all for other purposes… (Penned/Coded by Fenoxo). For now, it can be purchased at Shekka’s. It will later be moved to a special dungeon…

Tomorrow I’ll probably be doing some writing. Don’t expect this much cool stuff unless my other coders get crazy!