[Backers | CoC2] Summer Breeding

Some of the Mayternity content that didn’t quite make it in finally hit the finish line, and you can now bring a friend to help tame the flames of your pet Hellhound!

0.7.14 Patch Notes:

  • The PC has more options for participating in maternity duty in the Lumian palace! There are currently two new options to choose from:
  • Yolihuali, the colorful harpy cook previously met in Eira’s intro scenes. She’s a comfy mommy who can be bred or hung out with for cooking and baking content. (by Gardeford)
  • Hjorr, the northern mino woman from the palace intros. She’s a powerful dickgirl who can take you to pound town or lead you in some exercises along with some recently-recruited valkyries! (by Gardeford)
  • While both Karithea the Hellhound and Elthara are at your Wayfort concurrently, you can now choose Kari from among the options for bringing a friend to Elthara’s negotiations. This requires that you have a cock, and has branching paths for if both girls are concurrently also gravidly pregnant or not. If neither is pregnant, and you have a virile cock, you can impregnate them together.
  • The threesome between the Hellhound and Agnimitra is now available again once the wolf’s in the Wayfort.
  • Kiyoko’s Let Her Lead scene is now available in the Orb, too.
  • Various fixes by Spotty.
  • New CGs: Katya Missionary (by Nyah) and Fingering (by Varking)

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[TiTS] Carmelita Make My Monster (Dong) Grow

July 4th weekends go great with Fox-taurs! Enjoy~

0.9.103 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Carmelita the fox is now availabe for backers. She’s a fox-taur who can be encountered in various hangars throughout the system, written by Doots and coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Mindstreeeeeaaaaaaaam~
  • Piercings now display in the appearance menu.
  • New piercing location: ballsack.
  • Smuggler Buff! The “Desperation” perk now activates when HP dips below 50%, then stays active. Previously it only worked when HP was below 50%, which resulted in anti-synergy with “Die Another Day.”
  • Tech Specialists can no longer deploy multiple deployable turrets in one fight.
  • Fixed a Sylvie crash.
  • Fixed “hasItemAnywhere” not properly checking ship storage due to a typo.
  • T1-K4’s item is now tagged as “Custom”-tier rarity.
  • T1-K4 no longer counts for a crew bedding space, as a robot.
  • Improved Ero Gas Grenade display.
  • Aphro Gas is now correctly tagged as a hostile status effect.
  • Cleaned up calls to “hasTentacleWings” and converted to the more appropriate “hasBackGenitals”.
  • Fixed a navigation crash in SyriQuest.
  • Lots of fixes for Tika.
  • Some under the hood preparation for rare drops on Phaedra.
  • Fixed a Tessa crash.
  • Lots of small text and grammar tweaks as always.

[TiTS] Smolpatch

CoC2 got a patch too!

0.9.102 Changelog:

  • Vahn should work again.
  • [Public] T1K4’s crew content should now be available.
  • Some under the hood reworks of the “load in” system that should result in more accurate tooltips.
  • Another unreleased fight in Phaedra’s long-hyped “train dungeon” got polished. Soon ™.
  • Goo players can now shift the appearance of their feet.
  • Lots of other fixes and bug reports.

[Backers | CoC2] Hodgepodge of Thiccness

Deliciously THICCC Leo!Cait is having some trouble squeezing into her vestments now…

We’ve got a bit of a grab-bag of scenes from some new writers, as well as some horsey fun-times from the staff.

If you’re playing on Android, please see this post from earlier in the week about keeping your save files up to date for future releases!

0.7.13 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new character in Rose’s bar down in Khor’minos: a particularly bratty catgirl huntress that’s been trapped down there by the quarantine and could use someone to blow her back out — I mean, help blow off some steam. (by Aury)
  • You can now attach Arona to Svern’s milking machine at the Wayfort. (also by Aury)
  • After you’ve nursed from Genova in the Centaur Village, there’s a new option to help some of the other lonely MILFs in the village get some much-needed relief. Garde saw Juno’s cowgirl mommy orgy and decided the horses ought to have one too!
  • Hashat has 2 new sex scenes: one for elf traps (that is to say, Femininity 40+, male pronouns, and have a cock and no vag), and a Smotherfuck for vag-havers. (by Skow, coded by Squishy)
  • Clementine has a new cowgirl sex scene after you’ve fucked her at least 3 times. (by ScaleTail)
  • Bug/Text fixes courtesy of Spotty and Zag <3
  • New Busts: Leothranized Cait, by Moira.

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[Public | CoC2] Android Saving Issues Addressed

Drake’s gone through and got the Android saving issues sorted out. Sorry about the delay, it turned out to be more of a bugbear than just updating some software.

The Android download builds (APKs) for the next few updates will remain on the old version of the Android API, but there is now a mechanism in place to persist all your save data to a special file so that when we do finally update, your saves will carry over. You MUST download and play one of these builds with the data backup mechanism in order for your local saves to carry over when we finally do the update to the latest Android API.

A notification will show when you launch the game, make a save, or an autosave is created to let you know that the backup mechanism is working. When we update to the latest Android API, we will let you know and post a disclaimer, as well as have the last version using the old API with the backup mechanism pinned to the downloads page. We also took the opportunity to fix a few issues with the game on mobile in general. As always, to be 100% sure that your saves won’t go anywhere, USE THE SAVE TO FILE FEATURE on the data screen, regardless of how you play.

  • Tooltips should no longer be displayed after clicking a button on a touch screen device.
  • The load screen progress bar should now show up on lower resolution screens.
  • A child with the hellhound should no longer be mentioned when she moves into the wayfort if you haven’t had a child with her.
  • Fixed an italic bleed in Kailani’s talk about Inaya.

As ever when something’s new and experimental, I’d HIGHLY recommend using Save-to-File on any saves you really want to keep, just in case.

The next backer patch will be in a few days, most likely with some content Leek’s been coding while Drake’s been in the Android mines. See you then!

[Backers] Nun of Your Business

I’d have communion with her, if you know what I’m sayin’… (Art by Adjatha)

Though I suppose you could make it your business…

0.9.101 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Vermillion the Nuka Nun is now available as a random encounter on Phaedra II. (Written by Magenta Needle, coded by Leek)
  • [Public] The dracow family is now public!
  • [Public] Extrameet Gabilani is now public!
  • [Public] The Crew Toy expansion is now public!
  • Fisianna’s panties now have an associated CG when masturbating with them, drawn by ToonNik.
  • Jacques00 added a system to reorganize your ship’s weapons. This feature was added shortly before patch and thus may contain new and exciting forms of bugs.
  • Lots of small fixes and tweaks.
…if you eat an immortal’s ass, have you discovered the elden ring?

[Public | CoC2] Daddy Fox & Femdom Scenes

Arened’s bust didn’t quite get finished in time for patch, but here’s a look ahead courtesy of Moira~

A furry DILF can now lay claim to the PC’s womb, and both Kaly and Kiyoko each have some hot new femdom action to go around!

0.7.12 Patch Notes:

  • The vulperine DILF up in the Windy Peaks’ fox village has a new host of 5 sex scenes, written by MagentaNeedle.
  • Said DILF also can potentially impregnate a fertile PC, and has some cute additional interactions with pregnant ladies.
  • If you’ve done the Ring of Fate quest (or refused it) from Calise, you can walk in on the Stormcaller from that dungeon visiting her pops in the village.
  • You can bring Kalysea around to visit the Centaur Caravan girls once they’re housed on either Marilla or Nottia’s farms. 15 pages of centaurs getting plowed into the ground, courtesy of Wsan.
  • Kiyoko has a new scene in her home or in the orb, where you can let the ginger fox take the lead. Written by Aury!
  • Fixed a potential softlock from the Nursery’s [Kids] button.

NOTICE RE: ANDROID BUILDS: As you may know, TiTS and CoC2 share a lot of backend. Said backend recently updated to new Android build processing… and TiTS’ last patch appears to have eaten all the Android players’ saves. In light of that we’re going to hold off on releasing the Android version of this patch for a couple days until we’re sure it won’t munch your Champions like a Wraith. In the meantime, I’d suggest opening up the last version of the Android apk you played and making a Save-to-File of your Champion just in case. Always best practice to do so at the end of a play session anyway.

We’ll let you know as soon as the Android build is safe for release.

A more detailed breakdown from Gedan herself about it:

We updated Cordova – the framework used to package the game for Android from version 8 to version 12, in an effort to target a more up to date Android API level. Cordova 8 used a version of the Android API that Google are essentially phasing out, hence the warning message that was being seen on devices that had been updated to the most current Android version. The only way for us to get rid of this warning would be to update to using a newer version of the Android API. By jumping multiple Cordova versions in one step, I failed to notice a compatibility warning that was introduced in Cordova 10. Essentially, the means by which the internal webapp is loaded changed, and the system treats it as an entirely “new” app inside of the Cordova container, which in turn means it would have an entirely new set of local storage to sandbox it away from other applications on the device. Had I been aware of this we would have attempted to work around the problem, and if not, given a heads up that you would need to export all your saves to file beforehand. After some digging around I found a possible setting to flip that would grant access to the old means of accessing data, but it doesn’t seem to work. Installing the updated package at all seems to clear out the old local storage, and reinstalling an older version doesn’t get that slot data back.

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Plap! (By ToonNik)

Good tidings, my bosomy brethren!

I come with a progress update on Phaedra’s train adventure (and an update for the game, see patch notes further down). Progress hit a snag this week as scenes procured via paid writer needed some huge edits, almost rewrites. Since significant chunks of phrasing needed almost completely rewritten, I had to kick them back to the original author for refinement. That’s been handled, and the scenes are being integrated now. The second major fight of the dungeon got some art variation to support phase change in the fight itself and tweaks to the introduction to support the art & combat.

I’m not going to offer an ETA because I honestly cannot place one. I work through one encounter at a time and have been polishing the earlier half of the content while other coders have been tweaking in a more wholistic manner. It feels like we’re getting close, it’s hard to see past the blinders of my own works.

The rest of the team continues work apace, providing us with some Mindstream content for Dhaal’s brothel and the promise of a new Phaedran soon (tm).

0.9.100 Changelog:

  • ANDROID WARNING: Due to changes made to our deployment pipeline, the new version cannot access old save slot data. Make sure to back up with save to file before updating!
  • [Backers] Experience Dhaal’s infamous Mindstream entertainment at Paragon Playground! To give it a shot, select the ‘VR Space’ option the Paragon Playground’s menu. (Written by William, coded by Leek.)
  • [Public] Velta’s Workout Option
  • [Public] Edan’s Bi-curious Expansion
  • [Android] Gedan reworked the android build deployment for both TiTS and the CoC2 folks to better keep up with Google’s bullshittery.
  • New Bust: Horkenn (by Adjatha)
  • New CG: Gabilani Cyborg loss (see this post’s image, by ToonNik)
  • Siegwulfe’s “Domwulfe” mode should now activate whether you are carrying her or not while in “Crew Toy” mode. (Leek)
  • Gravitational Anomaly now applies the kinetic-reduction effect on all foes when upgraded. (Fenoxo)
  • Restored missing combat texts for Goo Armor. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for Tika vanishing for public build players. (lowercase donkey)
  • More blinding attacks now respect blind immunity. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed stubborn Shalin Shaman issues that have persisted because of an obvious oversight on how the Shaman’s data connects between the two halves. (Gedan)
  • Olympia’s “Crew Toy” content should be fixed. (Not sure who to credit, but I was told at meeting it was fixed! -F)
  • Fixed bug which caused Deepsea Lab elevator to be open/closed incorrectly. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Fixed bug in Deepsea Lab airlock to ocean that allowed use without depthsuit. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Various fixes to Flurry’s pureblood pregnancy. Correct scene variants should now be used and codex will increment pureblood kips. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Cleaned up some Phaedran codices with references to “Xandam”.
  • Buttloads of fixes and tweaks to combat systems! Having both Gedan and I chunking at big, multi-NPC fights has done a lot to reveal minor issues we can sand down. (Gedan & Fenners)
  • And many more smaller fixes for things like lone typos, slight word adjustments, etc. (The Team)

[Backers | CoC2] Mayternity Encore

Garde’s written a new bimbo dickgirl, Tarah, to go and romance (and have some babies with), and Skow’s written some new and very wholesome family bonding with Aileh and Freja. Plenty of saccharine sweetness to round out this year’s Mayternity.

0.7.11 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new Marefolk NPC, Tarah! (By Gardeford)
  • Kavi will send you out to rescue her dickgirl daughter, Tarah! She might be lacking in brains, but she makes up for it in hearts. You can help her to find a mate, or take on that duty yourself. If you’re craving an adorable horse, you can fuck and cuddle her to your hearts content. Tarah’s got a lot of wholesome sex and cuddling, with some small penis encouragement for her on the side!
  • Tarah can knock the PC up, if you want to be her mate!
  • Aileh has a new scene for her first time seeing the PC post becoming a dragon-morph yourself. (By Skow)
  • Aileh and Freja have a bunch of new interactions and wholesome family bonding once Freja’s a toddler. Teach her alchemy, have a picnic together, go swimming, visit the purified Hornet Hive, or go have dinner with her grandma (assuming she’s not too hostile with you). (By Skow)
  • Text fixes courtesy of Zag.

In other news, I’ve recently finished writing an early-game quest for Livrea and am just about ready to finish off Calise’s post-Feast of Heroes content in her Khor’minos apartment. Tobs has a quite massive expansion for Meira in the queue, as is Jstar’s enormous Corrupted Lupine dungeon and one from Skow focused on the snow cats. Lotta big quests and expansions coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!

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Tessa Quest do be lookin’ busty.

Happy Humpday! I just got out of our weekly meeting, and I have a lovely little patch with a raft of fixes, improvements, and a follower expansion for T1K4, the tutorial medi-bot to become a member of your crew.

Gedan and I are a little less visible this patch because we’ve been down in the train dungeon’s fuel car, shoveling code into the engine for its long-awaited (and too-long delayed) release. One of the potential openings has a fight against three discrete enemy statblocks while having a friendly ally helping – which means a ton of extra work to polish author-written text like “The sword slaps into the side of your neck.” into “The sword slaps into ${target.isPlayer ? “the side of your neck” : target.getCombatPronoun(“hisher”) + ` flank`“. Gedan’s first-drafts of the combat mechanics have been fantastic, and I’m crawling through spit-polishing every facet I can get at to deliver a good user experience.

I can’t wait to show it off.

0.9.099 Changelog:

  • [Backers] T1K4 is expanded to be obtainable as crew and usable as an accessory for once-per-fight heals to shields and HP. Written by Magenta Needle and coded by Lowercase Donkey.
  • [Public] Dhaal’s post-party party is now accessible to the general public. It’s a great way to pass the time until Feruze is ready for a Taxi ride…
  • New Bust: Station Mistress (part of Tessa’s quest)
  • Under the hood work was done to better consolodate status effect notification text in combat – for example, blinding a large number of enemies at once should report on all of them in one of the little SMS-style text windows. (Gedan)
  • Fixed busted parser calls in the post-party party. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for some appearance sub-menus. (Jacques00)
  • Gel Zon’s femboy scenes should trigger properly. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements to Kattom’s name display. (Jacques00)
  • Tweaks to the player immobilization systems. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for large eggs & Ovilium. (Jacques00)
  • Accupitch labs now has a disabled tooltip with an explanation for why you can’t get in. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed an Extrameet crash. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for the Great Majin and stepping off of her. (Jacques00)
  • Updated Smuggled Stimulant’s combat use text for NPCs.
  • More fixes for the Shalin Shaman (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Lots more subtle fixes and tweaks!

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