TrialsInSpaceFINsmallThe Offbeatr (Kickstarter for Porn) for TiTS is now live, if you want to click the link or the graphic on the left.   Currently it needs votes before it can get to the point where it can take money – 410 of them to be precise.  I’m really excited for this, because it will allow me to really dig into building things from the ground up to be a better experience for everyone involved, and having 4 months of development funded from the ground up should give me plenty of time to get at least basic planets full of content available.

Note that CoC is still going to be my bread and butter until this thing completes, so no need to jump ship just yet!

Okay, so in a nutshell, we hit the goal in 3 hours.  We’ve hit the $15,000 stretch goal already, and things show no sign of stopping.  I need to think of some more incentives to replace the full ones, and we’ll keep the TiTS train a trucking.  At 30k, I’ll be doing everything I can to make the game able to handle an optional graphics pack if saved locally, so fanart will be able to be integrated directly into the game.  There’s a bunch more stretch goals too, all the way up to looking to hire a part-time writer/artist (or commissioning a lot of freelance writers/artists) to assist with the game.  If we get close to that goal, I can add more stretch goals too.

My socks are blown so far off my feet by this that I don’t even have words.  You guys are amazing, and I hope that you all love it.  Seriously, I have stuff I need to do for CoC, by head is just spinning.  I’m just… wow.  WOW!

A note for anyone having trouble with Offbeatr:  Sometimes your transactions get declined by your banks since Offbeatr’s payment processor is based in the UK and is considered an international transaction for US based supporters (so the transaction gets flagged as suspicious).  If you get a 1277 error, contact Offbeatr and they can clear that for you, but you should first contact your bank to clear the transaction with them first, otherwise you’ll will still have issues.