Good eve and good patch to you all!

It’s been frigid as frozen-over hell out here in the Midwest. Not even the licentious heat of a good smutty story can thaw the frost on my windows! At least we’ve got some new content to bring us joy on these dark nights, some new tweaks to the combat systems to distract us from the chill, and some nice UI changes and options to give us something nice to look at it besides frosty landscapes.

And we’ve still got more cooking! I’ll go ahead and talk a little bit about it under this bolded label for clarity…
What isn’t in this patch (but sooonish):

  • An image gallery is under construction! Geddy has been pounding out the underpinnings of the system for the last week or so, and the preview images I’ve gotten to see (and share with our discord) have been absolutely primo. When it’s finished it’s going to be a lovely place to appreciate the art for all the characters you’ve met in your journeys.
  • A new scene for the cheetah (Cyber Punk) pirate. Will crafted a lovely new one that I have about 90% coded, but I need to finagle a proper intro to it and round out some of the her lead-up content to address a potential body-mod the PC gave her (that scene is still here though).
  • A voyeuristic email with image attachment for Gwen is sat in my personal hopper to get in after I finish up with the Cheetah.
  • Phaedra II’s “Train Dungeon” still needs some more time building.
  • And more~

0.9.087 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Relly the Mad Scientist has been added to the game (on Tarkus). Responsible for the hardlight taur & naga suits, this fella was coded by Leek and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Backers] New Items: SteeleTechJungleJumpsuit (Anno@lv9+), Dhaal Maid Outfit (Gabmart Threadz), coded by Leek.
  • [Public] The Gabilani Pirate can now be encountered by all.
  • [Public] Items available to all: Hardlight Bracelets, Vintage Zaika Purse, Lazy Ball Bra, Powerboner, Protein Power, Phoenix Shine, Easyslip Stud Piercing, Edging Ring, Hardlight Cockring, Hardlight Hoop Piercing, Rainbow Hoops Piercing, Vibroring.
  • Pheromone bonuses have been capped at 10, 15 with the new “Concentrated Pheromones” temporary buff. There’s no gain in becoming even more of a walking sexual biohazard past a certain point. (Fenoxo)
  • Airtight armor got a large amount of interactions with pheromones and other statuses. (Fenoxo)
    • Airtight armor now effectively sets your in-combat pheromone bonus to 0. Note that non-combat scenarios should still act as if you got the good smells.
    • Wearing airtight armor now creates the “concentrated pheromones” buff, which applies a temporary buff to your pheromone bonus.
    • Wearing airtight armor now passively causes the sweaty debuff to accumulate over time.
    • Added a new tease attack, “Waft Musk” that deals pure pheromone damage. This ability is only usable once per combat and comes with the downside of mitigating the effects of your airtight armor (but does allow your pheromone bonus to apply afterward. Comes with ~6 new texts depending on appropriate pheromone-generating perks.
    • Swapping armor sets reduces the magnitude of your concentrated pheromones bonus.
  • Tease attack reactions were moved into the same text bubble so that the entire tease & it’s results are cohesively attached, for better combat readability in busy encounters. (Fenoxo)
  • Lust weapons are allowed to crit again, but only for +50% damage. (Fenoxo)
  • Smugglers now have a base evasion cap of 60% (up from 50%). (Fenoxo)
  • Lowercase donkey pruned a number of references to an old miss calculation methodology from a ton of old NPC content.
    • I went through and added increased miss odds to the attacks that seemed to indicate they should have heightened miss chances in that junk data so that it wouldn’t be lost to time and space
  • A number of items had their icons updated to better match their descriptions. (Jacques00)
  • Added a “Legacy Sidebar Layout” that attempts to emulate something closer to the old flash style while adhering to our current design goals. See this image for more information! If this becomes a source of major issues, I’ll put my (Fenoxo’s) angry eyebrows on. Coded by Jacques00.
  • Improvements for how enemy counterattacks are tracked and displayed. (Jacques00)
  • Added visual cover strength bars for fights with cover mechanics. (Jacques00)
  • “Federation Quest” no longer uses the map for Tarkus’s cover-based fight for its cover-based fight. (Jacques00)
  • The sidebars can now scroll in group fights that are too large to display all at once (though we do not intend to make use of this in future content, there were a few places it could crop up.)
  • The “Undo” and “Redo” buttons can now be used in combat to scroll the combat text window to view previous turns quickly.
  • Added an “Extra Item Stat Detail” toggle as an Option under the Display category. Enabling it will allow the item tooltips and item preview card to display the full stats of an item, so they can be visible outside of the Inspect screen. So this makes it similar to how the old Flash TiTS had the item information displayed. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a “smallestVagina” crash. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed scales of color being limited only to full scalies. Should now work for full/partial, scale/chitin, as intended. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed some flags becoming NaN. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed Sidewinder name hardcoded in description. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed a softlock in Sera (Apparently nobody ever chose not to cuddle her when they had a chance). (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for some scenes that needed a double click to get through a choice to sleep. (lowercase donkey)
  • Spelling fixes. (lowercase donkey)