Alright, our winter break is over and we’re back to the smut mines. The next phase of the Main Story Quest has entered the code stage, but we’ve got the first stage of it out for today’s patch (with another 270ish pages to go!), plus some new scenes for cats and horses and the goddess of the sun — though it’s all about where the sun don’t shine. There’s several more big quests already either in the code or review queue as well for early this year, including expansions for Atugia, Nina, and the Leothran twins. I’m personally coming off break and going straight into writing the long-awaited Dragon TF item, which you’ll be able to synthesize via the blood crystal from DraciaQuest (check the basement if you haven’t done the quest yet). And let’s not forget more Windy Peaks content coming up!

Thank you all for a great 2023. Here’s to a stacked Year of the Dragon coming up!

0.6.31 Patch Notes:

  • The prelude to Calise’s new quest is in: some downtime in her house, and then a date with the paladin before the big event.
  • BriHaus completion items are in: you can get Cassia’s sword and armor just by progressing to the second stage of the Haus’s content, after either romancing or letting Cassia down.
  • BriHaus marriage completion item is in, triggered by approaching Brint or Brienne after the marriage.
  • Black Mages have new 2nd level powers, and their Ult has been reworked.
  • Lumia has a new buttsex scene in. (by Gardeford)
  • New Temple of Mallach scene, servicing a whole room of catboys (with or without Cait). (by Magenta Noodle)
  • If you’ve married both Ahmri and Atani, they have a new Diplomatic Relationship development, accessed from Ahmri’s menu in the centaur village, with sexy and non sexy, and a silly-mode only, set of scenes. (By Gardeford)

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