B!’s brought us another encounter for the Windy Peaks, and she comes with her own quest and relationship to explore as well — and there’s more to come of her, don’t worry!

0.6.32 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a hefty new NPC in the Windy Peaks, Kailani, written by B! You’ll need to bump into her in a certain tile, then talk to her in the Vulperine Village on the peaks in order to start progressing your relationship with this foxy huntress!
  • Kailani has a personal quest, which involves proving your worth by fighting some of her fellow vulperine hunters, and then progressing to a much more dangerous prey!
  • Once you’ve handled her quest, you can make the huntress your mate. She has scenes for both tender and vigorous fucking, and a pair of new oral scenes too. She’s got a set of doggystyle scenes that’ll be in for next patch, too!

New Since the Holidays:

  • The prelude to Calise’s new quest is in: some downtime in her house, and then a date with the paladin before the big event.
  • BriHaus completion items are in: you can get Cassia’s sword and armor just by progressing to the second stage of the Haus’s content, after either romancing or letting Cassia down.
  • BriHaus marriage completion item is in, triggered by approaching Brint or Brienne after the marriage.
  • Black Mages have new 2nd level powers, and their Ult has been reworked.
  • Lumia has a new buttsex scene in. (by Gardeford)
  • New Temple of Mallach scene, servicing a whole room of catboys (with or without Cait). (by Magenta Noodle)
  • If you’ve married both Ahmri and Atani, they have a new Diplomatic Relationship development, accessed from Ahmri’s menu in the centaur village, with sexy and non sexy, and a silly-mode only, set of scenes. (By Gardeford)

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