ceria_nudeJust kidding, I’m poking at the Minotaur King & Excellia in my free time, but how about a free TiTS release?

0.6.7 Changelog:

  • Geddy fixed a bunch of bugs (Geddy, if you want to enumerate these so the blog viewers can bask in your awesome, let me know).

What’s New Since Last Public Build?

  • New encounters in Beth’s Broads.
  • Emmy, a hermaphroditic jackal that runs an energy weapon shop on Myrellion. She’s only partially completed at present.
  • New busts for many characters, courtesy of Shou.
  • Zil can sometimes drop bows, enabling earlier bow training.
  • Bess can be found and recruited on Tarkus, courtesy of JimT and Gedan’s tireless coding.
  • New scenes at the prostate milker on New Texas, courtesy of Nonesuch.
  • New Renvra scenes, courtesy of Zeikfried.
  • Probably some other stuff? The blog imploded, so it’s a little hard to keep track of.

Between Metal Gear Solid, Destiny’s Taken King expansion pack, and the blog going tits-up, it’s been a pretty slow month for us. There’s a lot of nice stuff piling up in the code hopper though – I can’t wait to share it!