mountme_braI should’ve put this together earlier, actually, but I got sidetracked working on the designs for “New Canada” to set up Kiro’s sister and Jacques00’s delicious moose-taur mountie. Without further ado, let me open the floodgates!

0.6.78 Changelog:

  • New scenes for parasite-tailed PC’s and: Sera, Inessa, and Flahne, courtesy of Nonesuch.
  • New scene for Delilah and parasite-tailed PC’s courtesy of Zeikfried.
  • Some bug fixes courtesy of Jacques00.

What’s new since last month?

  • New NPC: Ramis
  • New hardlight panty scenes for a few NPCs.
  • New Treatment variation: cum-cow.
  • New Treatment variation: amazon.
  • New busts: Hepane, Merc, Saendra, Marina, Tarratch, Zil Call-girl
  • Timestamps on all events that proc while time is passing.
  • New cheat codes that let you set which Treatment effect you will get. (Must be entered before you take it).
  • Tweaks and improvements to combat drone behavior.
  • Two new masturbation scenes.
  • New scene for the Dryad on Mhen’ga.
  • Halley X Ellie voyeurism.
  • Follower Anno will now sometimes show up in bars! Comes with a few random scenes and one particularly fun one.
  • New Male Naleen scene.
  • New Lieve talk scene.
  • New Saendra scene.

What’s coming soon?

  • A spooky, tentacular dungeon for Halloween.
  • A weapon shop for Uveto run by a subterranean, rock-eating drider.
  • The Nursery/Daycare (pending some overhauls to the birthing systems by Gedan).
  • Boatloads of submitted content.
  • And who knows what else? I’ll be honest I bounce between projects pretty often, but I’m looking at New Canada, Myrellion peace quest, Faux Cow Treatment, and a few other idea/projects like Phaedra II (a post-apocalyptic world alternate starter planet) and a race with rather unusually placed genitals.

Delicious delicious taur-teasers by Jacques00.