This is still 0.7.28, so no new changelog here, just a list of new stuff since last public patch!


  • New NPC: Jeryn, located on Uveto. Can save from you the freezing cold in increasingly debauched ways.
  • New NPC: Sylvie, located on Canadia Station. She’s a moose-taur with a bit of a drinking problem and tons of fun interactions.
  • New NPC: Pippa the pig, located on Uveto.
  • New Item in Jade’s Inventory: Swineapples.
  • Sera can now be made into a submissive pet.
  • Del can now unlock Canadia station (and move there) after being sufficiently broken in.
  • Erra got an expansion pack.
  • DrLessau has a new item, Pleasure Palette, written by Lodestar and coded by Jacques00.
  • New Item: Tentacool. As the name implies, this gives you all kinds of tentacles!
  • New Busts: Del, Jade, Saendra, Kaede (x2), Shekka, Victoria, Eimear, Erra, Kitsune Traders, Rocket Pods, Milodan Male, and Betsy
  • New Riya Scenes!
  • New Scenes for those with upgraded hardlight strap-ons: Shelly, Sellesy, and fun malfunctions!
  • New Anno petplay scene!
  • Exhibitionism will now raise to 50% by walking around exposed.
  • New Dream: Reaha’s Cow Farm.
  • Dr. Lash no longer tolerates fapping in his office.
  • New tentacle-tail scene for the New Texas milker.
  • Parser adjustments and many other under the hood improvements.
  • Many bug fixes and many new bugs introduced.

Art of Erra by Rorai, over on the forums.

Also, here’s a video of me kicking ass as the new Overwatch hero: