Hey guys! Just wanted to touch base about progress on my end. I have ten or eleven more transformation bits to write for Laquine Ears, then I’ll have the core stuff done – what I’ve classified as minor and moderate transformations. There’s also a “Major” transformation category with another 13 or so transformations to do, but I’m going to leave that off until after I get through with Nonesuch’s plantation quest.

So tonight I’m going to push as much Laquine Ears as possible, potentially get a 2/3 complete version of it in game tonight or tomorrow, then roll into Nonesuch code-mode.

Gedan has been making rumblings about working on Ship Combat, then potentially porting the game out of flash (since Chrome is starting to run away from flash. CURSE YOU GOOGLE!). Savin has finished Del’s Canadia Station expansion, complete with horsecockification and non-girlification paths (I think). So that’ll be on the code docket too.

And then I also have like ten forum PMs backed up with project submissions to chew on. I’m only drowning a little bit.

Ta ta!

Update: Clocking out and treating myself to some booze. Finished all those TFs with 3,000 words of writing. Tomorrow: code-fu.